Ringing in the new school year


Art by Sathvik Manam

The new, faint bell is hard to hear in class

9:04 am:

“Thank you for choosing LHS Airlines, we hope you have a pleasant flight with us today and remember we are here, “giving wings to children’s dreams”.

Remember the good old days when the bell echoed in your eardrums? Now it has been replaced by this weak wind chime of a tune barely heard in some classrooms. Looking through the door to see if any classes have released their students yet, is not a sign of optimal performance in standards regarding a dismissal alarm, don’t you think? I want a bell that makes my presence known and makes my valiant efforts to wake up at the tender time of 6:00 am appreciated. 

I will admit one pro. I have, thankfully, not been caught with my soul leaving my body while standing directly under the dreaded grey bell as it starts screeching. Or during the unexpected teachers’ bell after school. 

However, the bell is meant to be commanding, alarming even. Let’s just say this new alarm is not cutting it.

Some say it sounds like “the T” and others recognize it as the cinematic ringing of a dream sequence. If you have not yet watched The Good Place on Netflix, I highly recommend it.

This school is trying so hard to modernize, but along with capstones and QR codes, changing the bell has been the most notable, and annoying, difference.   

So for the love of God shouldn’t we go back to the old bell? Sure it may have given some students heart attacks, but they were almost asleep. This current bell isn’t doing them any favors.