Fashion Friday: Ashley Sarazin

This Fashion Friday, we highlight junior Ashely Sarazin’s personal style and some of her outfits from this week. She describes her style as “versatile but basic.”

“I try to change it up almost every day,” Sarazin said.

Sarazin shops for pieces to fit her personal style at her favorite stores PacSun, Tillys, and Cotton On.

“They’re my favorite stores because they always have new and different stuff at good prices,” Sarazin said. 

When shopping at her favorite stores, Sarazin looks for the biggest staple in her closet: baseball caps.

“One of my favorite fashion trends is baseball caps, I have one in almost every color,” Sarazin said. “I think they can really make an outfit.” 

Despite her appreciation for fashion trends, Sarazin doesn’t follow all the popular trends. 

“A fashion trend I really dislike is all denim outfits, there is no reason for someone to be wearing denim from head to toe,” Sarazin said. 

Breaking up your blue outfits isn’t the only advice Sarazin has for others developing their own personal style. 

“Take pride in what you wear and try different styles to figure out which ones you really like,” Sarazin said.

Photo by Megan Standifer

In this outfit, Sarazin is wearing a white PlayBoy hat from Pacsun, gold jewelry from Tilly’s, white knit sweater from Shein, flare pants from Tilly’s, and white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.












Photo by Megan Standifer

For this look, Sarazin is wearing a black tank top from Hollister, a plaid flannel from Windsor, mom jeans from Garage, and boots from Marshalls.












Photo by Megan Standifer

Here, Sarazin is wearing a tank top from Tillys, a dark brown button up from Cotton On, corduroy pants from Levi’s, and boots from Marshalls.













Photo by Megan Standifer

For this outfit, Sarazin styles a tie-dye sweater from PacSun, with straight-leg jeans from Levi’s, and black high top Converse sneakers.