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Apple vs Android: A Never-Ending Battle

Which phone is superior, Apple or Android? (Designed in Canva by Kelly Egan)

For years, this age-old battle has waged on. A never-ending feud the beginning of which is long forgotten. But this isn’t some old cheesy kid’s cartoon. Real families torn apart. Real friendships ruined. While no blood has been shed in this war, lives have been destroyed. What is this war you may ask? Apple or Android. As a victim of this war myself, I have decided to put it to the vote once and for all. Which phone is superior, Apple or Android?

Fortunately, I come from a family that walks between these enemy lines, giving me a unique outlook on this issue. My paternal and immediate family are all obstinate supporters of Apple. However, my maternal extended family are all “android lovers.383” I myself have had both Apple and Android phones at different times. This is a rather hot topic in my family. It has even resulted in my being kicked out of my paternal extended families group chat after I had to replace my second phone, an Apple, with an android.

Android is special in that the battery can last longer on certain phones, and some controls are much easier with Android, I also find that the simplistic designs of Android’s app icons and its sleeker exterior look is much more pleasing to the eye.

— Grace Houston

My first and third phone were both Androids. I still have it to this day as a burner phone. To say it’s durable would be an understatement. It has gotten run over with a car and still works perfectly. Of course, as is the common complaint among Android users, the camera was terrible, and I could never send good quality pictures to any of my family or friends on Apple phones. I did eventually run out of storage and had to delete a lot of photos that I had taken which stunk, and the boot ups were always slow. However, everything was so much more customizable, and I had a lot more freedom and control. My third phone was also a lot bigger, and even though I never had a case for it, it never broke. That phone in particular was a hand me down from my grandfather and was on borrowed time. It still served its purpose and is remembered fondly.

Despite the fact I have an Android, I prefer Apple because it seems to run smoother, has a better camera, and has smoother graphics.

— Donvan Chylinski

At the end of the day, my immediate family is an Apple family, so I am an “Apple person.” A common complaint about Apple is their lack of compatibility with other brands. However, it more than makes up for it in the ease of communication it provides among its own products. Anyone who owns more than one Apple device, or has linked their Apple accounts with their family, can explain just how smoothly they connect to each other. I can’t count the amount of awkward situations I have been saved from with the Wi-Fi password share feature. While Androids might offer more customization, Apple provides a far smoother look in their UI. Apple also has a very solid customer support system, where Androids customer service can range greatly between providers. Apple’s overall in my experience tends to be far more stable than Androids. 

Of course, my opinion alone is not enough to settle this score, so we put it to the vote:

As all can see, the votes are in. The undisputed winner of this feud is Apple. Once and for all, we have put this war to rest. Apple is the best phone by majority vote. Finally, after years of ruined lives and relationships, this battle can be decided. Apple rises from the ashes of the phone wars as victor having earned the title of the superior phone.

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As Arianna Conomacos's first year on the editorial board, she is excited to help young beginning journalists and to help spread awareness on all the going ons of the school. Arianna has been a member of the Lancer Marching band since her freshmen year as a flute and piccolo player. She has been playing the flute for over a decade. She has been writing stories even before since she could write and can almost always be seen with a book. Known for her outspokenness in her opinions, you can almost always find her somewhere around school.

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