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Let the middle person speak

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It’s important to recognize more than just the top students at graduation

Dear Seniors, the time of graduation is drawing nearer and your era is coming to an end. At the end of this stage, graduation completes and celebrates all of the hard work put into the past 12 years. Graduation is about congratulating the grade as a whole, so why not invite someone else along with the top of the class to speak to represent the majority of the senior class?

As of right now, the students that speak at graduation are the class president and the valedictorian. Yes, they deserve to speak because of all the tremendous work they have put in, but the only viewpoint being shown is the top one percent. They do not represent the majority. What if instead of only commemorating those at the very top, we let someone from the middle of the class speak? —someone who can shed light on the whole high school experience that the whole student body can relate to.

During the second semester of senior year, ranks are frozen. This is when the Top Ten is verified and when the middle speaker can be decided. 

Take the class size, divide it in half, and take the 10 people above and below this center. Admin can then inform these 20 students in that middle range about this opportunity to speak. Students can then “audition” for the part. This ensures that whoever has this position, actually wants it. After a panel of teachers anonymously judge each speech, the middle speaker will be selected. 

Adding another speaker also means that graduation would take longer, so instead of making it even longer with a new speaker, a time limit should be introduced. This would mean that each speaker, including the principal and superintendent, would have an allotted time of 5-10 minutes each. 

With this, the ceremony can flow more easily and progress at a smoother pace. Some may argue that giving a lower ranked student would negate the reward of being the valedictorian. 

The speech at graduation is only one benefit that comes with being in a high rank at LHS. Students can receive the top ten dinner, a medal, more points for parking passes, and so much more alongside the graduation speech.

We all worked hard to graduate. When we stand on the floor at the SNHU arena wearing our cap and gown, we are united. We as Lancer Nation should celebrate each and every one of us on that floor and all the struggles we had to overcome to get there. 

We not only congratulate the people at the very top, but every student, no matter your rank. There is no student that is more or less than the other on that floor. Whether you have a 4.5 or a 2.5 GPA, you made it, and you deserve to have your voice heard. 

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  • M

    Mr. Barnes
    Mar 15, 2024 at 8:29 am

    I enjoyed the pro/con argument regarding this topic. I bet this will continue to be a discussion. Great work!