Lancer Varsity Cheerleaders take 3rd at States

Katie Leger, Reporter

After the varsity cheerleaders performed and stepped off the mat last Sunday at States, they knew that this was their best performance of the season.

The crowd agreed as they stood up, clapped and cheered for the girls. Even coaches from other teams came and told them how well they did.

The girls came in third place only 0.3 points behind Dover, with a final score of 99.7. Some of the girls were disappointed because it was such a small difference while others were excited because they placed top three.

Junior Ally Rose felt that LVC proved to all the other teams that they were a top competitor this season.

“States was definitely our best performance of the season,” Rose said. “We hit all of our stunts, we were the cleanest we’ve ever been and we had lots of energy. The crowd was going crazy the whole time.”

Rebecca Barden, the previous head coach, was able to watch the girls compete on Sunday and thought the girls did a phenomenal job.

“This team spent the whole season working to reach their full potential,” Barden said. “Although there were many things that could have slowed them down, they didn’t let them and they were constantly improving. The entire team understood the power of a positive attitude, the need to support each other and the value of hard work.”