Cure winter boredom with these snow-friendly activities


Photo by Emily Schackart.

Morgan Grant, Reporter

Winter is upon us, and it appears that boredom always accompanies bad weather.

During the winter it can be difficult to find fun activities. Although the snow can prevent us from our usual outdoor activities, such as sunbathing or outdoor sports, there are plenty of seasonal activities to try. If you fall into the category of people with nothing to do during the winter, try one of the following to cure your boredom:

  • Grab some friends and going tubing at Mack’s Apples next to the pond. 
  • Take a ride to McIntyre or Pats Peak to enjoy the steep slopes, and race with friends or family. After you’re done engaging in some healthy competition, you can find warm meals and some yummy hot chocolate. 
  • Take a visit at the ice castle show in Lincoln, NH. Make sure you wear your boots, because the walking surface is made of chipped ice and can be slippery. Monday-Thursday tickets range from $8.95 for kids and $12.95 for adults. From Friday to Saturday kids tickets range from $12.95 and adults at $15.95.
  • Order a warm Hot Chocolate at L.A. Burdick or Max Brenner. These hot spots are putting a fun twist on Hot Chocolate with flavors like Nutella, mint and white chocolate. Max Brenner also has other festival drinks like Pumpkin Spice Mocha or the Apple Pie Milkshake.
  • Take a trip into Boston to see the Winter Festival. Enjoy a smooth ride on the ice and support local companies while they sell their unique products.
  • Take a ride to North Conway and hop on the Polar Express. Enjoy some warm hot chocolate on the way and meet Santa and the elves. You will receive a bell from Santa, but you can only hear it if you believe. This is a great activity for your younger siblings, too. 

So don’t let bad weather hinder your fun this winter. Grab some friends and family and try these seasonal activities!

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