Playlist to get out of music’s top charts

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Playlist to get out of music’s top charts

Hannah Alback, Reporter

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Finding good music is difficult if you aren’t looking in the right places. Scrolling through everyone’s Spotify and iTunes playlists could work but let’s face it- that’s too much effort to do regularly.

If you’re stuck in the top 100’s chart and want change, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve discovered some great music that you can listen to on any occasion. This playlist has songs that are fun to listen to in the car, dance to in your room, or sing along to with friends.

  1. Arabella – Arctic Monkeys

This song has cool background music that you want to just listen to over and over again. The guitar adds a 80’s-90’s grunge vibe to it. The up and down pitch in the vocals during the verses are interesting and different from other songs and it’s a great song. It is more of a rock style song with the instruments used.

  1.     Bellyache – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has so many catchy songs and this is one of the best. She uses more unusual instruments than typical pop or alternative songs. The chorus is more upbeat than the rest of her music and her lyrics are edgy and make you feel like a rebel. After the chorus she goes back to a sadder tone and then right back to the upbeat sound. It’s the type of song you could listen to in any mood.

  1.       Corduroy Dreams – Rex Orange County

I listen to this song when I want to hear something calm and just relax. The background is just a guitar and his soothing voice. The lyrics suggest a love song but it has a low-key mood and it’s not screaming “I LOVE YOU LOVE ME BACK PLEASE” it’s a nice chill song.

  1.      Dope on a Rope – The Growlers

This song never gets old. You could play it all day for years and just dance to it. The Growlers makes so much music that is different from the typical artists. And Dope on a Rope is no different. Listen to this song in the car it’ll change your life and improve your mood.

  1.    Dreams Tonite – Alvvays

Dreams Tonite is an amazing song. It’s not too overpowering or crazy. It’s calming and the singer’s voice has the perfect pitch throughout the song making it sound almost angelic.

  1. Free Room (feat. Appleby) – Ravyn Lenae

There’s no way to listen to this and not want to dance. I recommend playing it loud and have fun. The lyrics are hard to understand for most of the song but it doesn’t matter because the music in the background has a good rhythm .

  1. Hard Times – Paramore

Paramore has so many iconic songs and I’m surprised this isn’t as popular as their others. This song has a fun sound but the lyrics are depressing. You can listen to it for motivation and to just feel better about yourself and let go.

  1. idontwannabeyouanymore – Billie Eilish

This is one of the slower, sadder songs from the playlist. Listen to it when you just want to relax. Her voice adds so much emotion and makes it a beautiful and slow song.

  1. I hope your whole life sux – blackbear

I’m sure you’ve heard of blackbear and his new album. This song is my favorite from it. The music is soothing and his voice fits so nicely with it.

  1. Kangaroo Court – Capital Cities

Play this song when you’re not having a good day because it will lift your mood and make you motivated and happy. The chorus is super catchy and it’s definitely an upbeat song. I could listen to it over and over and never get tired of it.

  1. Love/Paranoia – Tame Impala

This is such a calming song. The backing music isn’t too overpowering and the vocal effects work so well with the mood of the background. It’s not like the rest of the songs just based on the instruments used.

  1. No Roots – Alice Merton

I first heard this song on one of my mom’s tv shows and immediately used Shazam to find what it was. The next day I heard it on the radio and now I love it so much. It’s such a cool and rebellious song. Listen to it if you haven’t already. Her voice is different from any other mainstream artist that’s on the radio.  

  1. Painted Yellow Lines – Dispatch

I first heard this song on the radio and it fits my music taste perfectly. The band is local and their music has such a cool sound. This is such a summer song and it will make you excited for the seasons to change so you can listen to it with the windows down in your car.

  1. Peach – The Front Bottoms

This is such a sweet song and The Front Bottoms never fail to make good music. They have music for every mood and this one is perfect for this playlist because it has a similar mood to the rest of the songs without making it sound completely monotone. It’s a nice in between song that isn’t overpowering.

  1. Rare Hearts – The Growlers

The Growlers has many songs that have an old sound. This is a good song to listen to at night when you are going to bed. It’s not crazy and loud it’s peaceful and relaxing. I listen to this when I am feeling nervous or can’t fall asleep. This is a perfect mellow song.

  1. Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore

Here is another Paramore song that is from their newest album, After Laughter, and this does not disappoint. The chorus is catchy and it also has the upbeat sound that Hard Times did. The lyrics are about the singer, Hayley Williams, not wanting to pretend to be optimistic and just let go and be happy when she’s ready to be.

  1. Somebody Else – the 1975

This is a song about losing your love and starting to move on. It’s a pretty well known song but I thought I would include it because it has a similar mood to some of the other songs. It’s to sing along to or just sit with your headphones in and take a break from your day.

  1. Someday – The Strokes

Someday has the same summer feel that Painted Yellow Lines does. Yet, it is completely different in how it’s written. This song has an upbeat guitar in the back and the vocals sound really cool and unique.

  1. The Logical Song – Supertramp

Throwback to 1979 with The Logical Song one. This is a classic and most people have heard this song on more than one occasion. It will continue to be relevant in the future and will be played for years to come. Something about it makes it perfect to listen to on at any time.

  1. Threat of Joy – The Strokes

Just like other songs in this playlist, this has an old sound and is easy to sing along to. The Strokes never fail to make a fun sounding song that everyone can enjoy. I love to listen to this with my headphones in and walking outside.

This spotify playlist has a song for any mood and is a mix of many genres. It’s near impossible not to find something you will enjoy.

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