LSO Creative Writing: Hidden Lies

Stacey Hall, FreeLancer

It’s a lie to say you’ll love someone forever

A promise in disguise

Therefore it is often taken much too literally

And only ever leads to further heartbreak

A greater pain once the love has grown tired

It is wrong to say you’ll love someone forever

Because it is wrong to lead another person on

There is no true way to know what the future has in mind


It’s a lie to say you couldn’t live without someone

Not allowing your life to continue without another is a choice

Unless it’s a lifelong friend you’ve fallen for, you’ve proven you can live without their presence

There was a time when they were not at your beck and call

A time when you didn’t have their love

Building your life around a person capable of easily walking out of it is no way to live

Live for the hobbies you have, your interests, your passions that are infinite

Don’t measure your life by a relationship that could run out


It’s a lie when you tell someone they complete you

That a major aspect of your personality relies on them

A person should never be what completes you fully

They should be the cherry on top, something extra to make life even more sweet and enjoyable

Just like a sundae can be eaten without a cherry, but it’ll taste better with one

So a person shouldn’t be the make-or-break of your existence,

But something extra that makes life sweeter and more enjoyable

And who couldn’t resist a little extra sweetness?


You can always say you love someone

That you admire them from the end of their hair to the tips of their toes

From the very bottom of your heart love can be true

Love gives a new perspective to the world around you

It is not what makes it run