‘Driptionary’ Word of the Week: “yoink”


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Tune in for a weekly entry in the “Driptionary,” where you’ll find today’s hottest lingo from one of Londonderry’s most “drippiest” students.


The fashion a person has or the way they carry themselves. You can buy drip or it can come naturally. This “driptionary” is for those who want to “talk the drip” while they “walk the drip.”

The boys and I spend an immense amount of time communicating in a language that it seems nobody else understands. I plan, nay, I vow to solve this issue—this divide of words between my boys and the rest of the universe. Throughout the weeks we will take it step by step, covering a word at a time. This quest will be dubbed “The Driptionary.” This week, the first week of this epic journey, we will be covering a brief overview of the word “yoink.”

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a normal day. You’re living, you’re breathing, you’re doing you. Out of nowhere your homie taps your right shoulder and shimmies to the left. You look to the right, nothing. Your man is gone. He’s already blown straight by you.

You’ve been yoinked.

You’re playing a game of 2k. This kid’s got nothing on you. You’ve been up the whole game and now you’re looking at a twelve point lead with only two minutes to go. Chef Curry yeets up some tre balls and you lose by five.

You’ve been yoinked.

You show up to the brotato chip’s crib to play a couple lighthearted games of billiards. First couple games you just absolutely smash the lad without a single issue. I mean you’re just destroying his livelihood with your eyes closed. All of a sudden the man wants to bet on the next game. You say sure, why not? I mean you’ve been absolutely annihilating this man. This should be some easy money. Nope. Bing bang boom pow. Now you’re down a good $40 you could’ve used on some chicken teriyaki from Sarku Japan.

You’ve been yoinked.

Many innocent civilians suffer from yoinkage each and every moment of every single day.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get yoinked. If you see signs of a potential yoinkage, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING… and get some help.

Stay tuned for next week where we go over the correct scientific use of the term “ogre fished.”

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