Marching Lancers dazzle one note at a time


Art by Hailey Mosher

A symphony of notes come together to rock the ears of Lancer Nation.

Mack Plaque, the famous time of year where the rivalry between LHS and Pinkerton Academy is at its peak. Although the competition may be among the athletes, the LHS band often steals the show when they take the field. 

“We work really hard to pull off a great halftime show,” said LHS band director Mr.  Beaulieu. “We started practicing in June and we all get together over the summer to get our routine down and ready for the big day.” 

The success of the LHS halftime show relies hours upon hours of hard work and dedication. 

“Over the summer we meet once a week to review our music,” Beaulieu said. “Myself and Mr. Mundy work with each section individually to make sure that everyone is on track to perform as best as they can.”

The band consists of roughly 230 musicians, so managing each individual performer can be a very difficult task. But in the end, Lancer Nation rocks the house.

“By the time we need to perform the halftime show, we have already performed at a few games,”Beaulieu said. “We also like to focus on the Salem band show on Columbus Day weekend. It’s a good reference point as to where the band stands and a good way to make sure everyone is ready.” 

Although the band is led by Beaulieu and Mundy, the musicians themselves also work hard to make sure they’re ready. LHS drum major Tyler Kraics is one of three drum majors in the band working to make sure the band is prepared.  

“This is my first year as a drum major, but we all try to make sure that the band is improving and  hopefully everything will be ready for Mack Plaque,” Kraics said. “We try our best to help people that need it. It’s all about making sure that everyone is ready to go.” 

Every year LHS introduces new songs to its audience. This year Lancer Nation can expect to rock out to several songs by Queen as well as White Stripe’s 7 Nation Army.  

“This year is going to be really exciting music wise,” said Kraics. “We have a lot of new music and it’s all rock themed so it’s going to be a super fun night.”

Part of the Mack Plaque experience is rooting for the people behind the instruments.

“Going is always fun,” Kraics said. “You get to see your friends perform and the louder we are as a crowd the more we can show the Astros who’s boss.”