Girl’s indoor track gets creative at practice to make up for a season with no meets


Photo Courtesy: Retta Hatin

Last year’s sprinters pose for a picture before running in the D1 meet.

Just like most winter sports, girl’s indoor track has had to face some disappointment. Unfortunately the team is unable to go to any meets this year given they are usually held on college campuses that are closed right now. However, instead of canceling the season, the girls are staying positive, and continuing to practice even without meets. 

Senior Delaney Root is finishing off her indoor track career a lot differently than she expected. With her teammates and coaches supporting her she is making the best of a disappointing situation.

“I’m definitely grateful to be together as a team this season,” Root said. “Even though it’s not what I imagined for this year, it’s better than no season at all and the coaches have found lots of ways to try to make it normal. Track means a lot to me and this season especially is important to me since it’s my last year.”

With no meets in the schedule, the girls have a lot of time on their hands. This has given the team a chance to get creative, and have some fun. Junior Retta Hatin is enjoying the new activities her coaches created to keep practice interesting. 

“The Friday before break we did sledding races,” Hatin said. “So we had to run up the hill with boots on in the snow to help us work on leg strength, then we would pass the sled off and slide down, and it was a relay. We did something similar where someone would sit in a saucer and because we have carpets it would slide across, so someone would be wearing the harness and you’d have to pull the person in the saucer and it was a relay. It was a lot of fun, everyone was laughing.” 

In a not so normal world the girl’s have appreciated the fact that their coaches are trying to keep a sense of normalcy in each practice. Just as important, the girls are continuing to motivate one another during these difficult times. 

“Even though we don’t have meets, practices have been similar to previous years, which I like because it’s keeping it as normal as possible,” Root said. “It’s hard to stay motivated when I feel like I have nothing to work towards, but everyone on the team is always there to motivate each other. Also I’m hopeful to have meets for the outdoor season, so that gives me something to look forward to.”

Although this wasn’t the season girl’s indoor track was hoping for, they have made the best of it, worked hard, and spent quality time with each other.

“I’m happy that I’m able to see my teammates every day,” Hatin said. “Track is a different environment from any of my other teams. The girls are always a lot more positive and motivational. We’re more of a team even though the sport is so individualized than any of my other teams that I’ve been on outside of track. I’m just happy to see everyone everyday even though we’re socially distant and wearing masks, it’s still fun.”