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Lancer ‘Angels’ go to great lengths for those in need

Erin Carlson
LHS alumni Hannah Ellis donates her hair during the Day of Giving on January 10, 2020.

When junior Morgan Laczynski first donated her hair in fourth grade, she thought of it as “just another haircut.”

“When that day came, I didn’t really understand how important it was that I was donating my hair,” Laczynski said. 

This year, Laczynski is getting ready to donate her hair again, but with “a bigger purpose.” When her grandfather lost his battle to cancer last year, she never got to do anything to help, but now she feels like she can.

“I am going to donate my hair for a beautiful person to feel human again,” Laczynski said, “just like I wanted for my grandfather.”

Laczynski is one of thousands who have become a Lancer Lengths Angel since the first lock of hair was cut on the gym floor in 2007. Every year, English teacher and pep rally coordinator Steve Juster helps to put on the Day of Giving, where people can donate their hair for those in need of wigs. 

“I just want to provide an opportunity for [people to donate],” Juster said.

To Juster, being a part of this program is like “dreaming awake.” Meeting angels every year and hearing their stories has a long-lasting impact on spectators of the donation day. 

“These students, who have so many reasons not to [donate], do it…which I love and I’m so honored,” said Juster. “I’m meeting people who are so incredibly generous.”

Juster had intentions of the donations happening in front of the school from the beginning. They first started at the annual winter pep rally until it was decided to create a whole day dedicated to the donations. The day was called the “Day of Giving” due to the magnitude of the event.

“The school being behind [donating] makes a big difference,” said Juster. “If it was a different atmosphere or a different student body, this wouldn’t happen. You really want enough attention so that you make it special for [the angels]. “There’s a lot of emotion on the floor.”

When evaluating situations involving cancer, Juster presents a unique perspective on how to look at it.

“To me, we can say ‘my grandmother passed away’, and it could be a period at the end of the sentence,” Juster said. “Or we could say ‘my grandmother passed away, but I kept her in my memory by donating.’” 

To someone who is questioning if they want to donate or not, Juster suggests thinking about waking up the day after the event, and if they think they will be regretful that they weren’t a part of it, he encourages those to donate. 

“To me, [donating] is a miracle,” Juster said. “I walk among angels. How many teachers can say that in their lifetime?”


2024 Lancer Lengths Angels share why they are donating

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I chose to donate because of my nana. She has been cancer free for 10 years and thankfully the doctors caught it early so she didn’t have to lose her beautiful hair. This got me to think about all the other girls who have to lose their hair and I would love just to put a smile on one girl’s face.”

— Sophomore Carly Reid

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I want someone to feel like they can be beautiful with or without hair. Hair grows back, and honestly this day, January 5th, is way more important than having hair.”

— Junior Morgan Laczynski

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Both of my nanas have cancer. One only has a couple days to live and the other just got out of surgery, who is doing good, but the other one I’m trying to spend enough time with before she goes. I want to do this for them.”

— Junior Grace Nutter

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I decided to donate my hair because I have seen what a difference it makes in people’s lives…[Donating] is such a meaningful thing to do and I love being a part of it.”

— Sophomore Madison Grennon

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I was at the pep rally for Lancer Lengths last year and when I saw everyone on the floor cutting their hair, I knew that I wanted to do it [this] year.”

— Sophomore Emily Rich

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I chose to do Lancer Lengths for two main reasons. The first is my sister had done it twice through high school and that has given me an opportunity to learn about the program. The second reason is because I know many people who have been affected by cancer and I wanted to help.”

— Freshman Charlotte Presher


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