Whipping into shape: Netflix and drill


Jazz Conde, Lifestyle Editor

Sometimes physical activity can be a pain in the butt, literally. Procrastination seems to be the only option when the opportunity for a workout comes around. You’ll come up with every excuse in the book just to avoid it: too much homework, not enough time, too tired, other plans, etc.


We always manage to find time to binge watch our favorite Netflix shows, however. Getting up to grab the remote from across the room doesn’t count as being active, sorry kid. Instead of curling up on the couch and sitting in the same position for a couple of hours, put yourself to work while you’re watching those shows you love. When your mom comes into the room to yell at you for doing nothing with your life, you’ll already be in the process of proving her wrong. I’ve taken a few of the most popular Netflix shows and added mini exercises to phrases and actions that occur frequently within episodes. Enjoy!





Grey’s Anatomy:

There’s a Meredith voice-over: 20 second plank

A character cries: 20 crunches

A pager goes off: 15 lunges

Someone dies: 15 squats

Someone drinks coffee: 5 push-ups

A surgery occurs: 10 jumping jacks


Gilmore Girls:

Rory is overdramatic: 25 jumping jacks

A main character drinks and/or asks for coffee: 10 crunches

Michel makes a sarcastic comment: 15 lunges

Sookie accidentally hurts herself: 20 squats

The school bell rings at Chilton: 10 second plank

Lorelai goes off on a tangent: 5 burpees


Park and Rec:

Ron complains about the government: 15 calf raises

Donna/Tom say “treat yourself”: 10 squats

DJ Roomba goes off or is mentioned: 5 push-ups

Leslie eats waffles: 10 second plank

Andy plays music: 20 crunches


The Office:

Jim looks into the camera: 15 crunches

Dwight says either “fact” or “question”: 10 burpees

Angela becomes annoyed: 15 squats

Someone is offended by Michael: 20 second plank

“Dunder mifflin- this is Pam” is said: 15 jumping jacks



Ross and Rachel kiss: 5 push-ups

Chandler and Monica kiss: 10 crunches

“How you doin’?”: 15 sit ups

Phoebe sings: 20 calf raises

Monica cleans: 20 mountain climbers

Chandler cracks a joke: 10 jumping jacks

The theme song plays: Run in place


The Vampire Diaries:

Somebody is bitten: 5 burpees

A vampire sneaks up behind someone: 15 second plank

Fangs are shown: 5 push-ups

Damon drinks: 15 lunges

Elena whines: 20 crunches


Jane the Virgin:

Somebody acts dramatic: 5 push-ups

Someone speaks Spanish: 15 crunches

Someone kisses: 10 squats

There’s a sentimental moment: 20 jumping jacks

The narrator says something condescending: 15 second plank


American Horror Story:

Someone dies: 20 second plank

Someone references creatures/murderers: 25 mountain climbers

Someone fantasizes: 15 lunges

Someone cries: 10 squats

Someone disappears: 5 push-ups

Blood is seen: 10 crunches


Orange is the New Black:

There’s a flashback: 10 jumping jacks

Someone brings up getting out: 5 push-ups

There is an affectionate scene: 20 squats

The theme song plays: Run in place

Someone is on the phone: 15 lunges


Instead of Netflix and chilling, you can start Netflix and drilling. Push aside those excuses and gradually start whipping into shape while still watching the shows you love. If your favorite show isn’t in this article, feel free to make your own routine that suits your limits. Happy binging!