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New schedules, new norms have impact on students’ mental health

Art by Aden Khinchuk
While learning in the hybrid or remote schedule can be stressful, students should remember: you are not alone. Help is available.

At the end of each summer, there are always mixed emotions with coming back to school. But this year, students had to face several changes due to the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Switching between in-person classes and remote schoolwork can be stressful for students. From needing a teacher’s help while at home to wearing a mask all day at school, these changes can affect students mentally, physically and academically.

Learning in the hybrid model has seemed to either make or break a student in this educational climate. Sophomore Krysti Chilles said she’d rather have school be fully remote or fully in school rather than the current hybrid schedule.

“It’s harder to get in touch with teachers on your remote days,” Chillies said. “And in school, trying to learn with masks is hard.” 

Students like freshman Maria Casarano are also finding it difficult to face these challenges. Casarano said it was “crazy coming to a new a bigger school” during the pandemic.

“It’s already stressful for the change itself, but coming back at a time like this is very overwhelming,” Casarano said. 

All these shifts in everyday life can cause students to experience feelings of anxiety that seem to only intensify when putting a mask into the equation.  

“Having symptoms of anxiety with a mask on makes it so hard,” Casarano said. 

Infographic by: Audrey DeAngelis

Since masks are required during all times in the classroom, students aren’t always sure when it’s the right time to get a mask break during class, which can cause anxiety. 

“You have to get up in your class just to go outside and take it off which is even more stressful,” Casarano said.

Students were given the option to stay fully remote rather than attend school, but remote learning can also be stressful for students like junior Kendall Wilson.

“I’m really grateful the school gave us the option to go fully remote for the school year,” Wilson said. “Although my anxiety is still bad and not seeing people leads to a lot of depressive episodes, I’m still thankful for the help we’re being provided.” 

Whether students are fully remote or hybrid, this shift in routine can be challenging for a student’s mental health. For people who already struggle with anxiety problems and depression, the pandemic may be affecting them even more. Even those who didn’t have as much of a problem prior to the new schedules are being affected as well.

LHS counselor Kate Martin said she has seen how quarantine and the new school year has affected the student body this year.

“The levels of anxiety and depression are definitely rising,” Martin said. 

The school provides many resources to help you get through the year, however, so don’t be afraid to let a school counselor or teacher know you need help navigating the new schedule or if you’re having a difficult time managing your mental health.

“We’re creatures of habit,” Martin said. “This change in our routine is very stressful and everyone is going through the same things. We have to work together to spread positivity and kindness.”

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New schedules, new norms have impact on students’ mental health