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Last night, the Lancer Spirit turned off comments on our Instagram post promoting a news article about the recent vandalism in the bathrooms because the comments were becoming accusatory, inappropriate and didn’t relate to the topic of the article.

We encourage our audience to have active, productive discussions about the topics we cover in our comments. But when accusations are made without being verified, it goes against what we believe in as a news publication. 

So please continue to comment on our articles and discuss important topics going on in the community. But do so in a respectful manner, and keep in mind that these are high school students. Any serious concerns you may have regarding larger issues should be brought to the attention of the administrators, not directly to students.

We don’t expect our audience to agree or even like everything we post on the Lancer Spirit, but we do expect civility. 

After all, when your comment is filled with generalizations and hate speech, your point is no longer valid.