2022 Midterm Election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 8

The National 2022 Midterm Election is taking place Tuesday, November 8 at the LHS Gym. If you are eligible to vote, vote!

Art by Alisha Khalil

The National 2022 Midterm Election is taking place Tuesday, November 8 at the LHS Gym. If you are eligible to vote, vote!

The National 2022 Midterm Election will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8. Races in New Hampshire will be closely followed throughout the country due to it being a swing state. In this highly contentious election, National Democrats and Republicans hope that key races in New Hampshire will turn out in their favor.  

Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Londonderry High School Gym.

You must be registered to vote. N.H. does allow same day registration–which can be completed at the election site. Click here to find out how to register and what requirements need to be met to register. 

Two national key races are taking place in New Hampshire. Incumbent U.S. House Representative, Chris Pappas (Democrat) faces Karoline Leavitt (Republican) for New Hampshire’s first district seat in D.C. The U.S. House is currently controlled by Democrats; The House is projected to lose Democratic seats, which is why this particular race will be closely watched around the nation. 

In addition to Rep.  Pappas (D-NH), incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan also faces reelection against Republican Don Bolduc. Currently, Democrats also control the U.S. Senate, however they do so with a razor-thin majority of 50-50; All eyes will be on this race.

 Senator Hassan won her election in 2016 against Kelly Ayotte by only 1,017 votes, making it one of the closest U.S. Senate races in American history; This particular race will be of great interest to voters, especially to those either hoping for Democrats to maintain Senate control or for Republicans to regain their majority.  

Incumbent Republican Governor Sununu also faces Democrat challenger Dr. Tom Sherman for the N.H. Governor’s office State senators and representatives will also be on the ballots for this election as well. 

For a majority of voters, this election is mainly about preserving democracy in the United States following the popularization of the “Big Lie”, a misinformation campaign about the 2020 election. Former President Obama even tweeted, “Democracy is on the ballot” through his official Twitter page. 

Other key issues of this race are women’s reproductive healthcare rights, threats to Medicare and Social Security, the economy, crime, and immigration. 

The outcome of this election will determine the success of President Biden’s agenda over the next two years.

If you are eligible to vote, go vote. 

If you’d like additional information on how to register to vote and how to vote, click the links below:

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