Coach Lauzon: Jake Naar was ‘so much more than a football player.”

Words from Jake’s coach, Jimmy Lauzon:

A few months ago, after giving it some serious thought, Jake decided he wanted to continue to play football. He wanted to take his talent and ability on the field to the next level.

We went back and forth about how to make his highlight video. Jake sent me this on Dec 29. I cannot express how proud this video makes me.

I worked with Jake at defensive end every day, we worked in the summer 1on1, in 90 degree heat when no one was looking. Jake was a special talent, and all our coaches did was recognize it and try to give him some instruction along the way.

I find myself in awe watching this video. All those hours together were well spent and I’d give anything to be out there with him again.

So as I post this video it’s not just about Jake as a football player. He was so much more than a football player, but for all the work he put in, all the passion he came to practice with every day, it’s on display here and I’m beyond proud.

I’ll be showing this for years to come.

Jake Naar with Hudl