Get on the LSO senior intentions map



  • Damien Gannon — Navy
  • Jessica Popoloski — Army
  • Michael Walsh — Marines


  • Ryan Allin
  • Robert Bristol
  • Ryan Cullen
  • William Danforth
  • Matthew DeVito
  • Christian DeWolf
  • Cody Harris
  • Richard Lynch
  • Anthony Santusuosso
  • Nicholas Valadez
  • Kentin Virgin

Don’t see your name on the map? Once you have decided what your plans are for after graduation, be sure to submit it to guidance by following these steps: 

  1. Fill out the form below.


  1. Go to Google Classroom.
  2. Visit the Google Classroom page for your house office.
  3. Click on and fill out the Senior Intentions google form.


  1. Log in to your naviance account
  2. Click on the home screen.
  3. Go to “acceptance history”.
  4. Go to “colleges”. 
  5. Select “colleges I’m applying to” and then “colleges I’m attending”.
  6. Choose the college you intend on going to.
  7. Click the “update” button.

Come back and visit The Lancer Spirit Online in a few days and see your name on the map!